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Unlike with a book, in addition to text, we have Fiji Business Email List a range of other elements on social media that we can use to cause a trigger. Many social media accounts are visually orient. So images that stand out from all the content violence are essential to get your story across. In addition, audio can also be of great add value. Certainly on platforms such as TikTok, Fiji Business Email List where music that appeals to the target groups plays a leading role. A great example of telling your story in scents (figuratively, happily) and colors

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Is Burger King’s much-discussed ‘Moldy Fiji Business Email List Whopper’. Opinions on the campaign, in which the hamburger giant allowed its crown jewel to rot in front of the camera, were divided. But there is no doubt about its success. Though abhorrent in a way, it turned out to be a great way to get their story about more natural products and eliminating artificial preservatives Fiji Business Email List on the stage. The worldwide, multimedia campaign was also successful on social media. It was a perfect answer to critical reports about (fast food) foods that had an unnaturally long shelf life.

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An answer for which Burger King practically Fiji Business Email List needed no words. With its strong visual trigger, the (relatively long) video managed to score unprecedented figures on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. 3. Deepen, filter and divide But back to the content: the story itself. Because what are we going to say now? It will come as Fiji Business Email List no surprise that we are not going to set out a 5-part book series in a Facebook or Instagram post. No, this is where the art of dividing and filtering

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