Your Own Hands

The tone of voice of your organization is UK Email List your script. It states which properties you want to read and hear again. But how do you do that? How do you spell, in Brad’s name, ‘progressive’, ‘energetic’, ‘nicely crazy’, or any other quality? It starts with a lot of writing and even more discussing. Have your texts read by UK Email List your colleagues and read theirs. That is sometimes scary, sometimes difficult or even painful, but you learn from it. For real. Do you find your text nice and energetic, but does your colleague think it is loud?


UK Email List

Trust the Spell Checker

Try to find out where the difference is. Does your UK Email List colleague think he can deliver surprising copy, but can you barely suppress a yawn? Explain why you think that. Delete, (re)write and refine. Also read: The ultimate tip to mess up your text Step 2: stop words and key phrases in the tone of voice I’ll be back . It’s UK Email List going to be legen wait for it dary. Shaken, not stirred. With stop words or catchphrases, actors make a character recognizable. It gives them a personality. When you hear the phrases.

Simple Spell Check Routines

The Terminator, Barney Stinson, and 007 UK Email List immediately come to mind. Find those stop words or phrases for your organization. I am not talking about slogans or pay-offs. No, challenge yourself to replace interchangeable cliché phrases with your own version. Such as marketing tool Hubspot, where after a mail is UK Email List sent I do not get the standard ‘Success, your mail has been sent’, but ‘Signed, sealed, delivered’ . Every time a smile and an earwig richer.

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