Your Instagram Stories Should Align

You have to understand that these tools serve to capture the attention of your audience. But do not abuse them, since you run the risk of turning your stories into a hodgepodge like. The website designed by Homer Simpson. Therefore, before you start using. All the heavy artillery available on Instagram. We are going to explain how you can use these tools wisely Hashtags and locations .You should use these to increase the reach of your stories. Because hashtags and locations will also show up to people who don’t follow you but who are interest. In those topics and are searching by tags and geographic locations. Polls and Questions. Polls for Instagram help you generate engagement with your followers.

You can ask them a question so that your followers can give you their opinion on something and thus you will know which are the topics that interest them the most. Gifs – When the centerpiece of the Instagram story is the animated gif itself, they Kenya whatsapp number list help tell stories in a very quick and condensed way. But in addition, Instagram also allows you to add small gifs that help clarify and better explain the story you are creating. Emojis – Emojis are mostly used to add more context. In fact, the contribution that emojis have made to current communication is invaluable.

That Is Why Emojis You to Better

contextualize the message you want to convey. Music – Music is often used as a way to express mood. However, not all users can natively include music when creating stories on Instagram. If you have noticed that the Instagram music sticker does not appear, then you will have to resort to external apps such as Storybeat . Here you can see several examples of use: ig story 2. How to make Instagram stories appear in the Explore section You have already seen that to get more interaction and reach more accounts, Instagram Stories are great tools. But if you also want to make your account more popular, try to make yourself known by appearing in the Explore section .

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If you don’t know how to get to that story feed or carousel — that many IG Stories users binge watch when they’re bored. Just tap the magnifying glass icon and see Instagram recommendations . how to upload a story to instagram To appear in that cascade of stories, you don’t have to be a digital marketing crack , but you have to improve the level of your stories by doing the following: Post video stories – Videos automatically play in the feed. Which often attracts the attention of many new users who don’t know you yet. Although the problem is that the videos are usually of poorer quality, which is penalize by Instagram. In fact, if you are not going to create a good video. You better concentrate your efforts on creating the highest quality images.

Don’t Abuse Story Reposts

You’re probably looking for how to share someone else’s story on Instagram, as it’s not an easy thing to do. There is no doubt that it is a great way to get the attention of other users and to generate connection with them. However, do not abuse this technique, because Instagram indicates that sometimes its algorithm penalizes reposted stories. For not being original content. Use stories highlights on Instagram so they don’t disappear from your profile. Although by their very nature Instagram Stories are ephemeral and disappear after 24 hours. You can make your best content always visible on your profile. If you have relevant information that you want to stick.

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