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As a result , a lot of knowledge exchange takes place Honduras B2B Contact List between the disciplines themselves. Projects are also often approached from an integrated approach. But you probably already feel that we are not there yet… 3. Write Active The different passive sentence constructions make the above text difficult to understand. The constructions ‘takes place’ and ‘are Honduras B2B Contact List addressed’ are examples of passive language use. They make the text harder to read and also boring. Therefore, make sentences active by giving them a subject: Internally, the engineering office is characterized by short lines of communication.

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We exchange a lot of knowledge between the Honduras B2B Contact List fields of expertise. We also often approach projects from an integrated approach . You can see that an active writing style also makes the text a bit more personal. More on that later. Because first we have to do something about the abstraction of this text. Write words that you can see. 4. Write concretely You see: you Honduras B2B Contact List can still write such short and active sentences on paper, but if they are full of abstract language, they are still not understandable.

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Therefore, write as specific as possible. For Honduras B2B Contact List example, use words that you can see . So not ‘the industry’. But yes: the factory. You can often make words even more concrete than they already are. ‘Specialists’ then become ‘engineers’ or ‘researchers’, for example. Or give an example. Do you work integrally? Then explain what you mean by that. And voilà, Honduras B2B Contact List another improvement: The lines in our company are short. Colleagues share a great deal of knowledge with each other about their fields of expertise, such as civil engineering, soils and water.


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