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She stood in line with her mother at the Kazakhstan Email List checkout. My daughter talked a little too loudly to her mother. I secretly enjoyed their conversation: Mom, why is queen soup called queen soup? Are there pieces of queen in the soup? I really don’t want to hear that! It goes without saying that everyone who stood at the cash register loved this interesting conversation Kazakhstan Email List between mother and daughter. What had this girl experienced firsthand? How difficult it can be to deduce the meaning of a new word and especially.

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If this word is also misleading. And let’s face it, Kazakhstan Email List every language has misleading words. When is a word misleading? In this article, by misleading words, I mean terms that initially mislead us. The terms have meanings of their own that are not logical and difficult to deduce. So the meaning is surprising. Misleading words in other languages Misleading Kazakhstan Email List words with a surprising meaning do not only occur in Dutch or German, of course. Other languages ​​also have words and expressions that can be very

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But we don’t always realize this right Kazakhstan Email List away! Some examples: spice nut . I’m longing for it again, eating delicious kruidnoten with Sinterklaas. A Fleming might think differently. In Flemish, the word kruidnoot means nutmeg. Buy a baby . Flemings buy children. This sounds strange to a Dutch person. Dutch people just have children. Baguette magic . This French Kazakhstan Email List word has nothing to do with baguette, as you might think at first. ‘Baguette magique’ is the French word for magic wand.

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