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Don’t mess with your rate Last year, only 5% of copywriters in Dominica Email List received a request to lower their rate. And only 3% lowered the hourly rate themselves. That confirms the idea that something like this must be unusual. By fiddling with your fixed rate you put yourself on Dominica Email List a soap slope. It is better to give certain customers a discount because of the relationship or because you fear that you will miss out on the assignment. Keeping your rate in line with the market is something else.

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Attractive or Nonsense?

Copywriters actually do this too little: more than 4 in Dominica Email List 10 copywriters change their rates once every four years or even less often. Feel free to put thinking about it on your to-do list every year for the quiet days around Christmas. 4. Vary in rate types It is useful Dominica Email List to work with a number of fixed, different hourly rates: for editing, correcting or advice, for example. No less than 85% of the copywriters charge different rates. Many of them also have an extra friendly hourly rate for charities.

Dealing With the Shortage

And think beyond an hourly bill: you can vary the form of Dominica Email List your reward. Agree project prices with your customer for large assignments or charge fixed rates for, for example, a press release, blog or interview. One fifth of the copywriters also regularly charge an amount Dominica Email List per word. Since writing is scrapping, that’s an extremely bad idea. A word price is especially common among translators. Just ask how happy they are with that.

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