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The corporate story should do just that: clarify your unique raison Thailand Business Email List d’être in the world. Because every organization has a unique story. Finding and expressing them well without ending up in clichés is often quite a challenge. In this article I show what a good corporate story is based on 3 examples. Don’t we already have a wonderful mission, vision and Thailand Business Email List core values? Certainly. However, they are often rational and abstract. It doesn’t make your heart beat faster. Stories do just that.

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Good stories are remembered better and Thailand Business Email List encourage people to take action. Because they are processed at a deeper level in the brain than facts (see also the article The Neuroscience Behind Data Storytelling ). In addition, a corporate story provides context. It shows how ‘loose’ core values ​​relate to each other, what they contribute to and how the puzzle Thailand Business Email List pieces fit together. A good corporate story creates pride internally and shows to the outside world what relevance and meaning you add.

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It therefore also connects the inner and outer Thailand Business Email List world of an organization. The corporate story aims to inspire: which propositions do you display, what is your content about and which strategic decisions do you make? In addition, it is a touchstone: are your actions in line with the big story? The corporate story is a translation of your strategy Thailand Business Email List in which experience and meaning are central. Connection, conflict and transformation A good story knows ‘connection’, ‘conflict’ and ‘transformation’:

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