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AliExpress —operating with Shopify apps like Oberlo— is the best possible option? How to dropship with AliExpress In case you are still not completely clear. It should be noted that Oberlo is the Shopify app designed to manage dropshipping stores . Its multiple functionalities make Oberlo the perfect partner for dropshipping with AliExpress in Spain from your free or paid online store. We are going to see, step by step, how to dropship with AliExpress in Spain. Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador…. Install Oberlo on Shopify how to dropship with aliexpress. The first thing you have to do is install Shopify, one of the best ecommerce platforms.

On the market (if you don’t know how to do it, you can read this article about dropshipping on Shopify And once your Shopify store is up and running, it’s time to install the Oberlo app. Do not worry because it is a very quick and simple task. You just Ghana whatsapp number list have to go to the Apps section of Shopify and click on the button that will send you to the Shopify App Store . When you’re there, use the search engine by typing the word “Oberlo” to show you the application. Then click on the Get button and the installation begins. It’s very simple and just following the contextual instructions that appear is enough to install Oberlo in an AliExpress dropshipping store .

To Find Out If the Installation

Has been successful, you have to re-enter the Apps section of your Shopify and check that Oberlo appears in the list of installed applications. install oberlo dropshipping with aliexpress 2. Select the products you want to dropship on AliExpress Once the Oberlo app is up and running, you need to start selecting products. You can do this through Oberlo’s own search engine, which connects directly to AliExpress. Or you can also use a Chrome extension that allows you to search directly on the AliExpress website and send the products you select to Oberlo. In one way or another, what it is about is incorporating products to sell online in your store . Once you have done it. You have to enter the Oberlo configuration panel by clicking on Oberlo, in the Shopify Apps section.

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Once inside the panel, you can configure the following: My products. Is the list of products that you have transferred to your store. And that is the place where you can manage the items that you are going to sell to your customers and the product descriptions. Automatic order management : When you receive an order, the easiest way to manage it is by clicking on Order All Products. That way, you confirm that you want that order to be processed. AliExpress will take care of everything else. Automatic updating of prices and inventories. As price changes and stock outages are common in AliExpress.

By selecting this option the sale prices

The products in your dropshipping store will be updated as soon as a supplier decides to vary it. Without you having to be all the while pending changes. And the same thing happens if a product is out of stock and can no longer be sold. Search for dropshipping products with aliexpress 3. Shipping management One of the most common problems when dropshipping with AliExpress is logistics. Taking into account that the AliExpress platform operates in China, delivery times can usually take several months. However, in certain countries you have the alternative of sending with ePacket . This is a premium option so that shipments reach their recipients sooner.

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