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So you can tell more here and your target audience Saint Lucia Email List will see this too, because this is really a leanback channel. A bit similar to YouTube and Watch from Facebook. Here too, the format is again full screen mobile, so 9:16. A fun way to elaborate on your product. Trigger your followers by posting a short preview of your content on your feed Saint Lucia Email List or in Stories. Instagram Guides Instagram’s newest feature is Instagram Guides . This guide is organic only and may include, among other things,

Saint Lucia Email List

Overview of Products and Services

a collection of previously posted videos on your Saint Lucia Email List timeline or Reels. Very useful to make an overview of a certain product group with advice and the option of shopping. You can supplement the images with text. So comparable to the instant experience of Facebook, a way to offer inspiration and therefore real leanforward content. A possibly ideal Saint Lucia Email List format for the midfunnel ( consideration ). Instagram guides facebook Although many people think that Facebook use is decreasing, nothing could be further from the truth.

Mission Vision

The channel is next to WhatsApp the most used social Saint Lucia Email List channel in the Netherlands with 9.3 million daily users (pdf). Moreover, Facebook is very affordable when it comes to purchasing video views compared to many other social channels. The target audience on Facebook is slightly older than on Instagram. Facebook is well represented in a Saint Lucia Email List broad target group aged 20-79. Ideal, therefore, if you want to reach a wide adult audience. Timeline Users view the Facebook timeline on the go.

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