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Cookies from marketing platforms such as Google Greenland Email List and Facebook are placed on websites. And are therefore automatically a third party for visitors who visit any site. Through these 3rd party cookies , these platforms are able to track users and collect data and Greenland Email List link it to their own systems. Also read: Banning cookie walls too premature? Cookies: how about that again? How exactly does this work? Technically, there is no difference between 1st party cookies and 3rd party cookies.

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Cookies can only be read and handled by the Greenland Email List domain that created them. It is only the user’s perspective whether the cookie is 1st or 3rd party. First party cookies First party cookies are placed by the website (with display URL) that you are currently visiting. These are often cookies that have a technical meaning, for example to remember that you are logged in. But the Greenland Email List cookies from Google Analytics are also 1st party. This is because Google Analytics separates the data of each visitor per domain.

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Google Analytics cannot therefore recognize Greenland Email List visitors on multiple domains, the data of users is placed in silos. This is also common for most other analytic tools. 3rd party cookies These cookies are placed by third parties and are often intended to monitor users and behavior on multiple websites. Because these cookies are used by domains that are not visible to the visitor Greenland Email List in the URL bar, it makes them 3rd party. Because websites place scripts from external parties on their website, these scripts are able to set and read cookies on these websites.

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