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ITP uses machine learning to assess which trackers are guilty Libya Email List of tracking users. This basically means that 3rd party cookies are blocked by default. But also 1st party cookies that are placed client-side are treated. The latter now have a lifespan of 7 days. If 1st party cookies are provided with ‘link decoration’, the lifespan is even only 24 hours. Link decoration is a technique Libya Email List that Facebook uses, among other things, to make 1st party cookies behave like 3rd party by placing userIDs in URLs, and then storing them in the cookie.

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This is a similar technique that uses cookie syncing. iOS 14 In 2020, Apple announced its iOS 14 update. This update is expected to have a major impact on app traffic tracking . With the iOS 14 update, users must give the app developer permission per app to use her/his data, or have it used by third parties. This can have major consequences for the Facebook app, for example.

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If users choose not to allow Facebook, Facebook tracking Libya Email List will no longer work. This is another slap in the face to Facebook, because this party was also hit hard by the ITP updates. Source: google At the beginning of 2020, Google announced that it would completely phase out the use of 3rd party tracking cookies in 2 years . This can officially be seen as Libya Email List the answer to Apple’s ITP. Since Google’s revenue model relies heavily on online advertising and thus 3rd party tracking, this change is obviously a lot more difficult for Google than it is for Apple.

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