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difficult decisions until you had to find a digital marketing agency to work on your SEO. Do you still see it impossible? Try following the guidelines below. Let’s start with something simple, we must decide if it is convenient for us to create our own team or on the contrary we seek to subcontract an external SEO agency . Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, however many companies opt for a combination of both: create an internal team and employ external consultants to guide them in best practices and continuous improvement.

It all depends on your needs and above all, on the quality of the agency you work with. With the latter, you may be wondering: A good SEO company? But does that exist? Well yes. And it’s not impossible to find. You just have to know what you’re getting into before you leave your Denmark phone number in the hands of a mediocre company. To begin with, we must know what we want and what we must take into account in SEO proposals . With this clear, we will make a selection of agencies and review their proposals. But… What should we look for in an SEO proposal?

Audit And Initial Review Denmark Phone Number

For digital marketing agencies this should be the starting point before taking any other action. In the audit, the agency performs an initial x -ray of the client in which it identifies the problems and errors that must be solved and establishes a course of action to measure future SEO efforts. seo-audit 2. Keyword research In the process of keyword research , the agency must know what the current ranking is, whether it is the right one or the wrong keywords are being worked on, and also create a list of target keywords for each of the important pages , such as service pages.

Denmark Phone Number List

These tend to be more difficult to position, but they are more transactional. In addition, the study must investigate the possibility of working with long-tail keywords , these are searches carried out by users, normally informative, that precede the transactional search. They tend to be much less competitive, although they also have less possibility of direct transaction. A good study should differentiate, at least, these three phases: – Current positioning – Transactional keywords (differentiated by each url) Long tail keywords to be able to work on the blog

If The Keyword Study Of The Agency Denmark Phone Number

you have hired does not make any of these differentiations, you have probably not made the right choice. 3. Competitor Benchmarking In this phase, it is essential that you select the client’s potential competitors. So that they can see their SEO position in their sector and compare it to that of their competitors. 4. Technical SEO audit The technical audit will check if search engines. Like Google or Bing can successfully crawl and index the different pages of a site, which involves analysis of redirects, duplicate content, sitemaps, access to crawlers and source code, canonicals , meta robots….

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