Yolanda Ramos Is Imperfect Mother

Having children shakes up a person’s life for the rest of their Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List days and balancing daily tasks is not easy. Work, housework, traffic jams, and other activities can leave parents feeling like they can’t get everything done. This is what happened to Yolanda Ramos in Go Student ‘s first Spanish campaign on social networks. The actress gets into the role of a mother who does not know how to deal with her children’s homework because she does Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List not understand anything. “I can’t help kids with homework, I swear. Between the fact that everything is in English and the subjects they have, which are a thousand.

This Comic Campaign

I don’t know what you want me to tell you. I feel powerless, it’s just that I don’t know how to do it », she says in the audiovisual piece. Next, she tells her interlocutor that she had been thinking about a private teacher, but that she did not want to come home tired from work and find an unknown person in her classroom. Ramos continues recounting his adventures and the options he has, although none of them completely convinces him. The other person on the phone recommends that you try GoStudent’s online classes. They are the private classes of a lifetime, but this time online.

Which She Achieves Her Big Dream

What does that mean? That you don’t have to leave the house or swallow a jam at six in the evening . And another thing, they are super easy for parents to handle,” says Yolanda Ramos. In the end, she assures that one of her friends takes a nap every day, taking advantage of the fact that her children are busy with their classes, all this while lying down on the sofa herself. Of course, referring to one of her mythical phrases as her actress, she states the following: ” Well, the friend is me “. This is one of the most notorious memes of the Paquita Salas series , where Ramos played Noemi Argüelles. Despite the difficulties of everyday life, Spanish parents are the ones who are most involved in their children’s education. More and more parents, 39%, find no difference between face-to-face and online education .

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