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According to the video platform, the demand Vietnam Email List for ‘how to’ videos is increasing by about 70% every year . This offers plenty of opportunities for marketers. Demonstrate products, or make handy step-by-step plans. According to Animoto , people would rather watch online than read . People Vietnam Email List buy 4 times faster on product pages with images and sound, the online video platform claims after its own research. This is even more true for millennials.

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Importance of First-party Data

For 80% of them, video is an important buying Vietnam Email List factor, and they mostly watch video on their phone. Also read: 10 emotional and brilliant videos that you don’t notice are advertising Video is also interesting for service providers. For example, according to LinkedIn , videos are shared 20 times more often Vietnam Email List on their platform than other types of content . This fact is interesting for recruiters, for example. Share the vacancy text and add a promotional video. Making such a video is easier than ever.

Ongoing Value Exchange

Another convincing fact. Companies that use Vietnam Email List video grow 49% more annually than companies that do not, according to WireBuzz after its own research . According to the company, the message also comes across much better than with text. With the same message in text form, this is only 10%. In Vietnam Email List short, video is much more effective, the company says. What does video marketing actually deliver? Promoting products and services with video is not the easiest way of marketing.

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