Will Google Analytics Be Banned

Signal words indicate connections Outlook Email List between sentences. An example: The reference words are the words in my text that refer to an earlier word, phrase or sentence. Think of words like this, that, this, that, and what . A smart premise that I once read somewhere: make sure that every sentence contains a signal and/or reference word . Isn’t that the case? Then there may be a ‘gap’ in your text and the structure is not quite right. Good to check! Every Outlook Email List article has a head and a tail, so a clear conclusion should not be missing.

Google Analytics & GDPR

I will conclude with a bonus tip. I also add a Outlook Email List call-to-action , which encourages the reader to read other relevant content on this topic. Another idea: give a short summary, conclusion or recommendation in your conclusion. Or add an anecdote that refers to the beginning of your text. This way you round out your story nicely. What also works well: ask your reader a question to encourage interaction or to make them think. Finally, Outlook Email List you can give your text extra structure with text formatting.

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For example, italicize or bold words to emphasize Outlook Email List them. Don’t overdo it, because then the effect will disappear. News – The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has announced that the use of Google Analytics may soon no longer be allowed. What’s up with that? Through Charlotte Meindersma (lawyer and author and trainer at Frankwatching) we were informed of the news that Google Analytics may be banned in the Netherlands. So far you Outlook Email List can use this tool without any problems, as long as you make IP addresses anonymous (see this article for more details).


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