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This is a piece of cake for one marketer, while the other Aruba Email Lists sees it as a mountain. Lack of inspiration and time or other factors can hinder your creative brainstorming. Do you also want to get into the flow (again) to create high-quality and unique content? Then this infographic comes in handy. Read on quick. Unique content Creating unique content doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s about developing content that meets the needs of your target audience.

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Whether it’s an article for your website, a video for Aruba Email Lists YouTube, a newsletter for your customers or a message for your Facebook or Instagram page. It is important that your content is of added value, fits in with what your company or brand wants to radiate and stimulates your target group. Checklist for creation Your content strategy is an important starting position Aruba Email Lists when creating expressions. A strategy helps you to determine at what time, which content is relevant for your visitors.

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Once you have your content strategy clear, you can Aruba Email Lists start brainstorming on various topics. The infographic below from Orbit Media will help you with this. Orbit Media developed a checklist in the form of a flowchart that consists of 17 steps that help you to Aruba Email Lists create quality content. They distinguish 4 phases: From the idea to the concept Searchmachine optimalisation Writing the first version Editing and publishing Are you curious about the best way to proceed?

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