Why Is Customer Service Important?

The importance of customer service in figures Talking about the impact of customer service in terms of marketing can seem a bit abstract if we don’t quantify the topic. For this reason, we want to share with you some studies that corroborate the importance of this service within any business reality. The following are some of the conclusions reached in a report by Dimensional Research and Zendesk on the business impact of customer service : 89% of consumers said that a quick response to an inquiry is essential when deciding which company to buy a product from. 97% of people said that poor customer service affects their purchasing decisions.

Of this group, 58% stop buying products, 52% switch companies. And more than half choose to talk to others about their bad experience. Consumers tend to remember bad customer service experiences more than good ones. customer service call South korea whatsapp number list Similarly. A recent report by Nextiva shares various customer service statistics and trends that make it clear. How important customer service is in today’s business world. Here are some of them: 96% of consumers think that customer service is an important factor regarding the loyalty they establish with a brand. 89% of consumers who have had a poor customer service experience with a company have chosen a competitor of that company to carry out their next transaction.

Sky-High Expectations

They have made an additional purchase after having a good customer service experience. Companies that provide good customer service earn 4% to 8% more revenue than their competitors. Launch the ecommerce you’ve always dreamed of for free DISCOVER MORE 3 Customer Service Trends You Can’t Ignore Although customer service is a fundamental part of a company’s philosophy and its values ​​are to a certain extent β€œ evergreen ”, that is, imperishable, this does not mean that the possibilities offered by this service are static. In fact, technology and today’s consumer are completely transforming customer service processes.

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For this reason, if you really want to improve your company’s customer service. It is very important that you know how to respond to the demands of today’s world. 1. Sky-high expectations What do consumers expect today when it comes to customer service? The answer is very simple: the best! According to the Nextiva study, 54% of consumers expect customer service today to be better than it was a year ago. Likewise, the study by Dimensional Research and Zendesk established that 67% of consumers expect faster service. 2. Variety of communication channels Customer expectations have a lot to do with the possibilities that today’s technology offers us.

This Is Particularly True for

In fact, being able to have multiple contact channels with a company. A key aspect of the customer service ideal that today’s consumers expect. This is particularly true for those people who belong to the so-called millennial generation, especially because. The way in which these consumers use social networks and mobile technology to interact with companies. Online customer service and mobile technology online customer service and mobile technology Continuing. The above, it is worth highlighting some of the conclusions of the. Nextiva study that will help us understand the importance and boom that social networks and mobile technology. Today in online customer service: A third of consumers use their smartphone to contact customer service.

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