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The first thing you need to understand is how people navigate on Instagram. Since it is not the same as appearing in a Google search. The usual thing is that Instagram users access through mobile, where they can basically do two different things: See the news feed. The news feed is made up of photo and video posts made by the people you follow. See Instagram stories : ephemeral content in vertical format is increasingly consumed by all instagrammers. As it offers lower doses of posture, as well as being more natural, dynamic and carefree. In either of the two formats, the Instagram algorithm is the one that decides to prioritize some content over others .

Instagram administrators consider that since it is not possible to see all the activity of each account that we follow, we must show the most popular first. And for this, the algorithm uses several different parameters related to engagement , such as Azerbaijan whatsapp number list comments, saved posts, etc. When a post is published, the algorithm only shows that update in the feed of a few followers who are connected at the time. If your content strategy is successful – and your post is interesting and generates reactions among these first followers – then it continues to be shown to more people.

Therefore, the More People Are Seeing

Interacting with your post in the first few minutes of publication, the greater the chance of getting engagement , which always leads to an increase in your visibility. The importance of hashtags schedule post instagram. Another way to get your post seen by more people is through Instagram hashtags . There are many people who follow certain hashtags related to topics of interest to them. When you publish a new post, and tag it with that hashtag, then it appears in the feed of those people who have subscribed to it . So a good way to get more organic reach is by doing an analysis of hashtags and using the ones that are most related to your activity (and that also have more subscribers).

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Conclution It is clear that there are days like. Wednesdays when it is much easier to make your Instagram post more visible than others like Sundays. So if you want to play it safe, we recommend a routine based on scheduling a fixed publication time. Which could well be on Wednesdays between 11:00 and 1:00 p.m. If you can’t do it at that time, remember to avoid the times when your followers are working because your reach. Surely be reduce a lot and you won’t achieve the objectives set in your marketing strategy. You will see that including this action in your marketing plan for social networks you will achieve many more sales.

The Important Thing Is That You Carry

while organic and “free” traffic is articulate around SEO. To generate traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store there is also the possibility of paying ads. On Facebook or Google Ads, which can attract good amounts of traffic. (especially at the beginning. When you are starting with the store). In addition, you can also explore other channels such as content marketing or social networks. Since the opportunities are many at the digital marketing level. The important thing is that you carry out tests to find out which marketing actions work best for you. In this way you will quickly discover what are the strategies with which you can maximize your profits. Dropshipping with shopify in spanish Is Shopify the best way to dropship? You are now a dropshipping store owner on Shopify.

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