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we can’t figure out the value of those other marketing Sri Lanka Business Email List channels. Therefore, many other attribution models have been add in recent years, such as ‘position based’, ‘time decay’, ‘first click’ and ‘linear’. These made the customer journey more transparent. But it’s still hard to tell whether that one Google Ads interaction contributed the most or not. Of course you Sri Lanka Business Email List want to be able to demonstrate that the advertisements have contributed well to the final conversion. Due to the developments in machine learning .

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Google later came up with the data-driven attribution Sri Lanka Business Email List model. It soon became clear that this model will provide the most insight into the conversions and customer journey achieved. Attributiemodellen. What is a data-driven attribution model? The data-driven attribution model is based on advanced machine learning and is specific to each Sri Lanka Business Email List advertiser. This model looks at all interactions that take place in the customer journey. These can include video ads, clicks on search ads, display ads, interactions with discovery ads, and much more.

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Every interaction contributes to the customer Sri Lanka Business Email List journey and can be assigned a value. Of course, during a customer journey, there are interactions that increase the likelihood of someone completing a conversion. With data-driven attribution, these interactions are given more value than those that contribute less to the final conversion. This makes it clear which Sri Lanka Business Email List type of ad contributes the most to the goals you have set for the account. This naturally yields interesting insights. Also read: Move to multi-touch attribution models in Google Ads Until now, data-driven attribution has only been available to advertisers.


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