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I will discuss this in more detail in a future article on structural Nicaragua B2B Contact List features. You may not notice it right away, but gamification is more prevalent in our daily lives than ever. Think of speedometers along the road that turn green when you drive safely. Or the playful one and a half meter triggers during the pandemic. You will encounter these game-based applications Nicaragua B2B Contact List more and more. Not only on the street, but also in your work or study. At the gym or the doctor and of course in marketing communications. In this article 5 trends for the coming year.

How Leverage Your Website Investments

The gamification market continues to rise Perhaps the biggest Nicaragua B2B Contact List trend is that gamification is no longer a trend. Since the term’s launch in 2003, it has been used worldwide by governments.  Companies and organizations as a tool for innovation, training and behavioral change, among other things. According to the British gamification agency Growth Nicaragua B2B Contact List Engineering , this trend is continuing to rise. They recently published a chart from Marketsand markets that predicts that the total gamification market will increase by more than $20 trillion in 2025 compared to 2021.

By Identifying Your Website Visitors

Gamification market chart Image source North America Nicaragua B2B Contact List will continue to hold the largest share of the global gamification market for the next five years. This is probably because more than 90% of the inhabitants own a smartphone, making it the largest market for gamified systems. The gamification market in Europe will also develop strongly within the forecast period. In particular through support from local authorities and other stakeholders. In the Netherlands, Nicaragua B2B Contact List the number of applications is increasing, partly due to an increased interest in and belief in the use of gamification for behavioral change.


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