What if Snap Chat Wasn’t Snap Inc’s Future for Online

While the app does have (reportedly) 150 million users, that number was announced last June and has not been updated since. Since then, Instagram has released Instagram Stories, and Facebook has experimented with a bunch of new Snap chat-like options, all of which you think must have some impact on Snap chat’s growth and adoption. Indeed, a report from Tech Crunch this week revealed that Instagram Stories has taken significant market share away from Snap chat.

With many analytics providers, brand managers and celebrities saying Snap chat viewership has plummeted while engagement on Instagram Stories has surged-with that in mind, combined with Facebook’s strategy to target markets where Snap chat doesn’t yet have a  USA Phone Number List foothold, it appears that Snap chat’s growth options are becoming increasingly limited. But then again, it’s Snap chat, the app, and the app’s parent company, Snap Inc., which may have other issues to fix — and we may have seen the initial hint of what that is.

new perspective A new report published in The Information suggests that Snap chat is actually working on a whole new innovation, a new class of advanced lenses that detect and respond to your surroundings. Just as current Lenses use digital masks to change your face, the new option will change your reality, being able to identify environmental elements and layer objects relevant to that scene – such as adding airships to the sky or bringing real clouds to life on the screen.

The tool will be an improvement on the World Lens option they introduced last November – with World Lens you can switch to an outward-facing camera and layer animated graphics on your environment.This isn’t even the first time we’ve heard of such a tool from Snap chat – back in July, we reported that Snap chat had registered a patent detailing how their image recognition triggers ads and can do things to real-world objects. Plan for responsive graphic overlays.

The example provided in the patent is an image of King Kong on the Empire State Building – using this new process, if you were to take a photo on the north side of the Empire State Building, Snap chat’s image recognition system would identify the angle of the building. Buildings that give you the opportunity to attach images of King Kong looking at you. However, if you were to take a photo on the south side, you would see an image of King Kong’s back.

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