What Are the Consequences for the Use

The measures taken in addition to the Standard Ghana WhatsApp Number List Contractual Clauses (SCC)  assess as insufficient. They do not exclude the possibility of monitoring and accessing data by US intelligence services. Because no other legal grounds apply in this case that legitimize the transfer of data to the United States, the Austrian privacy regulator is of the opinion that there has been an infringement. So it comes down to: The data process Ghana WhatsApp Number List Google is considered personal data, even if IP anonymization is involved, among other things.

Use of Google Analytics in the Netherlands

The processing of this data in the United States as a Ghana WhatsApp Number List result of applicable legislation there is in violation of the GDPR, because ‘third parties’ (read: the intelligence services of the United States) can gain access to this data without the prior consent of the user. As is the case in all EEA member states, the Dutch Data Protection Authority provid a manual for setting up Google Analytics in a privacy -friendly manner . However, Ghana WhatsApp Number List the Austrian privacy supervisor is of the opinion that even when taking the privacy-friendly measures. Including IP anonymization, personal data is still involv and not anonymized data.

Theory It Could End With a Sizzle

For example, it would still be possible to combine Ghana WhatsApp Number List the remaining data into. Unique profile and thus trace back to a naturally identifiable person. Certainly in combination with the data that Google. If the user is logg in to the Google account while surfing. Would you like to know more about the ruling of the Austrian privacy regulator DSB? Then read. The ruling by privacy regulator DSB in Austria may have far-reaching consequences. It seems Ghana WhatsApp Number List plausible that other European supervisors will draw the same line. However, it is not that far yet.


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