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Tell in your text about twittering birds, piles being Palau Business Email List driven or screaming babies. But just what is useful in your text. There is a good chance that your reader is imagining, albeit unconsciously, the sound of chirping birds, the banging of poles or a crying baby. And Palau Business Email List that in turn ensures a better immersion in your story. Writing with the sense of the Auditory (hearing). Visual (sight) Of all types of imagery, visual imagery is the most common. This is also the ‘easiest’ variant to apply in texts.

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Visual imagery really engages your reader’s Palau Business Email List imagination. Authors of reading books are especially great in the field of visual imagery. Shout out to Tolkien, my all-time number one. Down to the smallest details, the writer takes you into his sketched environment, so that you feel completely at home in it. This is also the type of imagery that ensures that Palau Business Email List a book adaptation is never what you had in mind. Your visual imagery is unique. The director of the film has also read the book, but has indicated his own interpretation.

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Ideal for companies and products Visual imagery Palau Business Email List also works very well in marketing texts. Imagine yourself as an employee of a travel organization and you want people to book a trip to southern Spain. Then as a travel organization you do everything you can to make that region as attractive as possible. Tell about the vast golden beaches, the azure blue sea Palau Business Email List and the rocky environment. Add to that the unforgettable sunset and beautiful ladies on the beach, and everyone wants to go to southern Spain.


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