Ways Brands Can Weed Greenwashing

Climate change is sadly an increasingly palpable reality Hungary WhatsApp Number List that only those who insist on walking with a blindfold firmly attached to their eyes are unable to see. For a long time, the brands looked the other way, avoided getting involv in the fight against global warming and , in the worst case, sheltered under the bad shadow of “greenwashing” to pretend to the gallery their supposed commitment to protecting the environment. environment. At an absolutely crucial time for climate change like the current one , self-righteousness underhand Hungary WhatsApp Number List in “greenwashing” can cost the brands that dare to bet on such a poisonous ploy very dearly.

Listen to critical voices

After all, in the fight against climate change, the border Hungary WhatsApp Number List that separates politics from the world of business is becoming more and more blurred and brands must raise the flag of activism and put actions on the table (and not just empty words). ) to bring down the enemy (global warming) on ​​the battlefield. To free themselves from the toxic embrace of “greenwashing” and plant the seeds of real. Embrace the strategies dissected by Charmian Love and Robert G.

Act in collaboration with others

This is what The Body Shop has done, for example, which Hungary WhatsApp Number List recently invited. Group of young activists to participate in a debate. The famous cosmetics brand had to deal with a plethora of uncomfortable truths in this meeting. It is better to know the truth than to turn your back on it. It is important for brands to listen to potentially highly critical. The objective? Identify actions susceptible to regular monitoring in which critics naturally take part. By betting on this type of strategy, brands naturally assume some risks.

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