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But that does not alter the fact that there are a lot of Haiti B2B Contact List opportunities to make this text accessible to a wider audience. So, here we go: 1. Use short sentences This paragraph has one sentence with no less than 25 words. And that’s a lot. Especially when the words used are as abstract as here. A reader can process a limited amount of information at the same time. Texts with Haiti B2B Contact List many long sentences therefore cost a reader more energy than texts with short sentences. Why would you tire your reader unnecessarily?

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More than fifteen words in one sentence? Check if you can Haiti B2B Contact List put a point halfway through. I often use a mnemonic. Are there more than fifteen words in a sentence? Then I check if I can put a period or a question mark somewhere. For instance: Internally, the engineering bureau is characterized by short lines of communication . As a result, a lot of knowledge Haiti B2B Contact List exchange takes place between the disciplines themselves . And projects are often approached from an integrated approach. But despite the shorter sentences, I can’t say that the text is much more understandable.

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On to the next tip. 2. Provide sentences with Haiti B2B Contact List coherence A text with only short sentences is not pleasant to read. Alternate short sentences with long ones. But more importantly: ensure consistency between (short) sentences . Without coherence, your reader has to make an extra effort to understand and apply a text. Make it easier for readers by using signal words or Haiti B2B Contact List reference words, such as ‘in addition’, ‘although’, ‘but’ or ‘because’. For instance: Internally, the engineering office is characterized by short lines of communication.


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