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which Lydia Varela already explained very well in this post . One of them is the QR code, which we will break down below. What is a QR Code? The QR code is the proximity marketing system par excellence today. Yes, yes, those are the ones that have become so fashionable thanks to the pandemic and that, suddenly, can appear on any corner. From accessing a restaurant menu to sending an email, accessing a Wi-Fi network or exchanging business cards, QR codes offer endless possibilities and allow you to easily store and share a large amount of information.

Today it would hardly be necessary to explain what they consist of, since with covid-19 their use has multiplied and democratized enormously and practically everyone knows what they are and how they work. Anyway, Lydia explained it very well in her post . Initially, its operation would be Thailand phone number similar to that of a barcode, but unlike the latter, QR codes can contain much more information. QR code on the street Source: Advantages of QR codes

They Are Very Easy To Create Thailand Phone Number

Today there are multiple applications that allow you to create QR codes. In addition, it is a format that stores information in pixels, which allows great customization. Currently QR codes can be made that represent specific shapes or have custom colors. They are very simple to use: their use is totally, especially as a result of the pandemic. They are with a simple Smartphone camera and only in the case of older Androids,

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it would require the installation of an older application. They are simple and cheap to maintain : not only are they easy to create and use, but their costs are zero. They can store huge amounts of information – Unlike a barcode, the QR code has a larger capacity and allows for a greater variety of content. Not only can it return specific information to the user, but they can also contain attached files, links to social networks, videos, etc. Great coverage: they both online and offline, since they  almost anywhere. Speed:

Or Also Immediacy The Content Reaches Thailand Phone Number

The user immediately as soon as the code, increasing its effectiveness . They allow a quick measurement of results : QR codes allow knowing where a certain user comes from. In addition, the data they provide is completely measurable immediately, which favors taking action and correcting errors to optimize the results of the campaign. Customization : They allow great customization, both aesthetically and at the content level.


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