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Before we go any further in Google Analytics, I would Oman Email List like to take one step back. How does direct traffic arise, in whatever way this is measur in Google Analytics? Direct traffic means traffic that navigates to a website without the intervention of anything or anyone else (barring exceptions). However, not a single person has come to earth with a number of websites, brands and Oman Email List platforms immediately in his or her head. These websites, brands and platforms have been suggested in one way or another,

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So that this visitor knows exactly when and what to Oman Email List navigate to them for. Also read: The 7 GA4 settings you should use (and how to set them up) So you can actually say that direct traffic is by definition not an isolated channel, but is always influenced by an ‘other Oman Email List channel’. This other channel can be both online (search engine, social media, et cetera) and offline (word-of-mouth, bus shelter, billboard, et cetera). The conclusion that we can cautiously draw about direct traffic is that it is always.

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Innfluenced by another channel. A question that this Oman Email List immediately raises in my mind is therefore logical. Why do we include 100% of the conversion value associated with direct traffic by default in our attribution models in Google Analytics? Can’t we assign this value better or smarter? To answer the above question, we need to use the multi-channel funnel report in Oman Email List Google Analytics. Google Analytics has a number of (standard) attribution models for this report, namely: By navigating to the report Conversions

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