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We also work with several specialists on Jamaica Business Email List one project.  Focus on your reader (and make it personal) The text is now quite nice. But what does it really benefit the reader that colleagues share a lot of knowledge? And that several specialists are working on a project? The website states: ‘Due to the close cooperation of the specialists from the four fields, bottlenecks Jamaica Business Email List are quickly made clear and opportunities for cooperation are suggested.’ But that doesn’t make me any wiser.

10 Ways to Use Web Content Writing

Consider the difference your text makes to Jamaica Business Email List the reader. And write that down. For instance: The lines in our company are short. Colleagues share a great deal of knowledge with each other about their fields of expertise, such as civil engineering, soils and water. We also work with several specialists on one project. As a result, we do not overlook any Jamaica Business Email List details. And we quickly come up with solutions that really work. So you don’t have to worry about that. That’s close.

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Finally, four extra tips that I don’t want to Jamaica Business Email List withhold from you. 6. Avoid Smurf Words Realize, evaluate, facilitate, reflect. Have you fallen asleep yet? They are all ‘smurf words’, according to professor of text quality Jan Renkema. In short: verbs with multiple meanings, which you can easily replace by a much more concrete verb (see also tip 4). Watch: The municipality Jamaica Business Email List of Utrecht is realizing a new residential area. The municipality of Utrecht is building a new residential area. With the second variant, you can immediately see what the municipality of Utrecht is doing. So understandable .

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