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In fact, we pay more attention and understand more difficult concepts better if they are explained to us through a story or a story. You may not know how to make stories on Instagram, but remember that one of the best tools designed basically for storytelling is IG Stories , since they allow you to include photos, videos, texts, animations… The format of Instagram stories is ideal if you use it wisely. For that alone, you should consider this format a social media staple to use in your business . Take a look at these screenshots of some featured stories made by Rodilla Sandwich to raise awareness of the problem of multiple sclerosis.

To do this, they held an event in one of their premises with the intention that their clients know the difficulties that these patients have to go through in their day to day. See how they used narrative techniques to raise awareness of the disease: how to put links in instagram stories 11. Use testimonials for your IG Stories Testimonials are proof or Kuwait whatsapp number list guarantees to eliminate the last frictions that someone may feel before buying a product. One need only think about the success of Amazon, which is mainly based on the system of testimonials and reviews from customers who have already used the product. Jeff Bezos knows that; and you should know it too, especially if you are dedicated to selling online .

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Several testimonials from satisfied customers throughout your online store. And you should also show them in your stories. This is how coach Ariadna Pulido does it in her Instagram highlights: how to make stories on instagram 12. Be honest and transparent in your Instagram stories It is possible that at some point you cannot think of how to promote one. Your products, or that you are not inspired enough to make an epic story. In those cases, you can follow some of the examples that we have shown you so far. Or you can communicate the details of your business. In this way you will be creating a connection with your unique brand, because customers look for sincere companies to make their purchases.

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They like those online businesses that are sincere, that tell about their logistical failures, their problems with certain suppliers, or that are capable of self-criticism when they make a mistake. These moments of sincerity deserve to appear in some IG Story . So take your mobile and record yourself in vertical format telling the ins and outs of your business. At least the ones you think might be interesting for your customers. This form of transparency with customers has been elevate to the highest expression by the Minimalism Brand online store , which has created a true business philosophy on transparency. In fact, everyone can see your dashboards or your accounting (including your real-time billing) live.

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one of their Instagram stories: how instagram stories work Final tips for posting high-impact Instagram. Stories You have already seen a lot of ideas to create new content for your Instagram stories. Now, in addition, we want to give you 3 final tips that will help you improve. The quality of your publications . If you want your IG Stories to be even more powerful, keep these tips in mind. Use stickers and other tools naturally On Instagram, the stories have to attract attention and stand out among. The thousands and thousands of impacts that pass before the eyes of your followers . For this reason, the application allows you to incorporate filters, stickers , animated gifs, emojis…

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