Understanding the Difference Between

Engagement-based Custom Audience In this THINK campaign Albania Business Email List you can show another video. You can now go a step further by going a little deeper into your offer, such as further explaining all possibilities or features and convincing your target group of your expertise. In this phase, the focus is on retaining the user. An important KPI here is traffic to your Albania Business Email List landing page and the other involvement with your video, such as saved messages, likes or comments. DO In exactly the same way, you can get

B2B and B2C Sales Leads

Started for your DO campaign, in which you Albania Business Email List target people who are from the THINK campaign and have seen your THINK video for a certain section. At this stage you want your target audience to convert, so make it as easy as possible for your target audience. For example, think of a lead form within Facebook itself, or a clear reference to a demo (or other conversion). The DO phase is therefore based on conversion. Google Ads video series You can also translate this to other channels, such as

 Your B2B Sales Lead Generation

Google Ads . For example, using a video sequence in Google Ads is definitely recommend to work in a similar way. Instead of inserting videos separately, a video Albania Business Email List sequence ensures that someone sees videos in an order that you determine. Google Ads video series There are several options, with the length of the videos determining the setup. Fortunately, there is also a custom video series, where you can get started without a template. You can easily drag the videos to the desired place and insert the

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