UFC fighter Juan Espino takes a DNA test

Juan Espino , a UFC fighter, has undergone a DNA test to Greece WhatsApp Number List discover his origins and show him to the world in a Monroe Pizza agency campaign for Gofio La Piña . The Canarian firm has wanted to break down barriers to demonstrate that ” we are all a mixture of all “, the main motto of the action. Precisely for this reason, Espino has taken this test, in order to demonstrate the diversity that exists in us in an empirical way. This revealed that Espino has 68% Iberian origin, 6.3% Greek and southern Italian, 3.2% Balkan ancestry, 2.7% Irish, Scottish Greece WhatsApp Number List and Welsh, 15.4% North African. and 3.8% Nigerian. As the campaign progresses, other well-known personalities from different fields will add.

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Who will show the world what their mixtures are. All Greece WhatsApp Number List with one main purpose: to give visibility to diversity and put an end to prejudice and stereotypes. “Everything I have experienced is part of me. I am the consequence of my actions, of my experiences, of my dreams, of the world…”, says Juan Espino in the campaign. “I show what I’m made of. I’m like you. There is no better mix than the sum of all of us. You are make of me and I am Greece WhatsApp Number List make of you. Because diversity, what is different, makes us equal. It makes us great ”, He explains.

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The spot shows the silhouette of the UFC fighter while Greece WhatsApp Number List. He explains that he does not remember how many places he has been, but that each one has left a mark on him. Later we see how the percentages of the different origins appear. On the screen with the image of Espino in the background. At the end of the piece, he encourages the viewer to discover his mix and invites him to dare to discover his from the website . In this you can see that, Greece WhatsApp Number List with the purchase of each package of Mixture Gofio. You will obtain a discount code to carry out a DNA test and know what mix we are made of.

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