If you stay loyal to Twitter you will often find interesting

If you stay loyal to Twitter, you will often find interesting or useful videos on your homepage. However, you can’t save the video in the gallery but only on the likes or bookmarks tab. You are often confused about how to download videos on Twitter Iphone? While you really want to share the video with other people, through personal chat on other platforms. One of the right steps is to download the video you want.

How to download twitter videos on iphone

Unfortunately, downloading videos from Twitter is not easy. Especially if you are an iPhone user. You must often find it difficult when you want to share videos that you like. iOS devices often have difficulty accessing smartphone facilities and are not as easy as Android devices.

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But now you don’t have to worry, Campus Digital will tell you all how to download videos on Twitter Iphone easily and without any hassle. With just 9 steps, the videos PR Directors Email Lists you like will be saved automatically.

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PR Directors Email Lists


The practical and easy steps will be displayed as follows:
The first step you need to do is download an application called MyMedia which is available on the App Store,
The second step, open the application and make sure it has been downloaded correctly,
After that, you need to open Twitter and search for the video you want to share,
The fourth step, you can directly tap on the option ‘Share Tweet via ..’,
Then, when there are several options on your screen, you select ‘Copy Link’,
The next step, you can enter the MyMedia application and paste the link that you copied earlier,
Click the download button
Select the video quality and name it
Your video will be saved automatically
Very easy isn’t it? You can immediately practice the steps.

What are you waiting for? immediately share funny and useful videos with loved ones. Sharing joy through a video can generate intimacy in the midst of a pandemic that makes distances even further.

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