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YouTube Video on social media: the channels and Peru Email List formats in one overview What’s in a name? Video vs motion content So video is crucial. Fine, we already knew that. But, why? And what do we mean by video? Let’s start with the second question. When we talk about video, the reaction of many marketers is quite fast: it is expensive to produce, an expensive joke. This Peru Email List perception was also reflected in the recent Biteable survey , in which a whopping 66% of marketers indicated that they do not use video because it takes too much time.

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This is partly true, organizing shoots for video productions is Peru Email List considerably more expensive than producing static material such as photos. I prefer to talk about motion content instead of video . Actually, the title of this article is wrong. Because what we’re actually talking about is ‘moving content’. motion . That’s what draws the attention . And that motion content comes in many shapes and sizes. Actual video shoots of course. But also gifs, stop motions, cinemagraphs, animations, illustrations, live Peru Email List streams or even slideshow montages of photos.

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Many of these moving content forms are not nearly as Peru Email List expensive as an elaborate video production. In short, don’t be put off by the word video. Why does video score? Video scores. That’s a feeling I think we all share and that makes perfect sense from the user’s point of view. After all, we have all probably experienced that moving images encourage you to stop scrolling rather than Peru Email List static images. But, as marketers, we naturally want to substantiate this gut feeling with numbers. In the past, it sometimes

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