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Do not make your knowledge videos any longer Mexico Phone Number List than 10 to a maximum of 15 minutes. Create breakout rooms for assignments, where you ‘drop by’ during the assignment. You prevent people from dropping out individually, and you create mutual consultation. Provide a chat function. During your Mexico Phone Number List presentation, ask questions or polls that participants can easily answer in the chat. You can respond to that. Make assignments diverse: not just ‘and now you. Also, consider.

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Optimize this post Write a better call to action Mexico Phone Number List Give feedback Vote for this statement with an emoji Give your answer to this question in the chat. Prepare worksheets, cheatsheets in instructional videos that you share with the participants for carrying out the assignments. Kim digital Mexico Phone Number List training recording. Incorporate functions from the online environment into your assignments. Like a poll. Take more breaks. For example, twice 15 minutes of chill time in one part of the day.

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And if you do a whole day, then at least a Mexico Phone Number List hour before the lunch break. Especially now, give people the space to solve home or work fires in between. Example of a command switch: You want the participants to think about the sequence of an approach. Example from my social media Mexico Phone Number List strategy training: what is the correct sequence of steps to a social media plan? In my physical training I show the steps together on a slide and the participants start shouting and discussing the order.

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