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Source of nutrition for an optimal, personalized Western Sahara Email List customer experience. Studio: professional productions Due to the increasing demand within Frankwatching and the market for video productions, the time had come at the beginning of this year: we set up our in-house video studio. Where we started with a laptop with a webcam, this soon Western Sahara Email List turned into a professional video studio with cameras, microphones and lighting. The visual creatives within Frankwatching are now a team with videographers, hosts.

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Technicians, directors, designers and a Western Sahara Email List photographer. Studio Studio is now in use almost daily for various productions. Think of recordings for online courses for our Academy, branded webinars that we provide together with customers, podcasts, aftermovies, stories and more. Studio has created a meeting place for speakers, trainers, readers and advertisers. Jobs: twice as many vacancies Last year we spoke of a rollercoaster for the labor market. The first months of 2020 saw the strongest

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Decline in the number of vacancies ever Western Sahara Email List (Statistics Netherlands figures). But in 2021, the labor market has turned 180 degrees, with a labor shortage that has never been this high. All the more important to bring employers and job seekers together. This year we saw almost twice as many vacancies on the job board as compared to last year. We helped various employers find great colleagues. This year we help non-profit organizations in particular. By offering them VAT-free vacancies, posting

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