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Baguette chinoise . This isn’t baguette either. ‘Baguette Kyrgyzstan Email List chinoise’ are chopsticks. Deduction spot . A place where men can kill themselves? Appearances are deceiving! You read the word and immediately think too much from your own mother tongue. But in South Africa they mean a ‘parking spot’ along the highway with the word deduction spot. Very innocent. Free room . This is Kyrgyzstan Email List also South African. When we hear the word, we immediately envision it: a room that is perfect for making love.

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– this South African word simply refers to a Kyrgyzstan Email List guest room. polluzione . At first glance, the Italian word ‘polluzione’ resembles the English word ‘pollution’. But don’t fall into the trap. ‘Polluzione’ means wet dream. Of course, in languages ​​that are closely related to Dutch, such as Germanic languages, we find a lot of misleading words. There are a lot of German Kyrgyzstan Email List words that are misleading. It’s just a shame that the German language has lost a lot of popularity. As an expat I have been living and working in

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Germany for over 10 years. And I Kyrgyzstan Email List admit it: English is cooler, French more elegant and Spanish more fiery. But German also has its charms! Also read: The most beautiful words in the world and why they are important for our existence Top 5 German Words That Are Misleading 1. Saft charging juice? No, you can (usually) not buy juice in a ‘Saftladen’. The Kyrgyzstan Email List German word ‘Saftladen’ refers to an unprofessional company. Tine from Rotterdam recently had a difficult period at work.

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