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Economic welfare Public service collective property Mali Business Email List Regional cooperation Structural reform Transparency Mental resilience. Give examples Examples make complex content clear. Suppose you have the following sentence: “Make sure you maintain sufficient financial buffers for unexpected setbacks in the coming years.” Besides the fact that you have to rewrite Mali Business Email List this sentence, examples also make it easy. Do you ever have money left over? Then don’t give it out right away.

Another Catch Phrase Or a Progressive Concept

Put it as a reserve in the savings account. You can use Mali Business Email List this money if you unexpectedly become unemployed, or if your dishwasher breaks. Avoid subject content Are you unable to make the text understandable with the above 6 tips? Then the content Mali Business Email List is too difficult. You are not talking about professional language, but about subject content. In the Speech from the Throne, the king refers to the term ‘multilateral world order’. We rewrote this term, but it barely worked.

here Is an Irresistible Pressure to Extend the Equity of the Brand

The content is just too complicated to write it down Mali Business Email List understandably. What is the text purpose? Does the poor communication apply specifically to the government or also to the business community? To be fair, it’s more about the text purpose than the industry. Many (semi-)government texts must inform the reader (new law, road works, corona measures) or Mali Business Email List encourage them to take action (filing a tax return, repaying health care benefits). Informing does not require interaction with the recipient.
You therefore do not know whether your letter has been received well or badly. With letters that encourage action,


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