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In addition, Coolblue’s own vocabulary also initiates a Djibouti Email List culture of extreme customer friendliness. The words provoke that deliverers do their best to give customers a smile. Also read: Dt mistakes: the top 13 (and how to avoid those accidents) Watching comedians You too can put your mission, approach or working method in the spotlight with distinctive Djibouti Email List language. Check the art for signature words from copywriters, comedians and poets, because they often chop with this axe.

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There are no words for new trends yet, but they Djibouti Email List do require a label. If you come up with a new term for it yourself, it’s just that little bit easier. Slowbalization and stuff obesity are striking examples of this. Triple word value Naming a product, phenomenon or trend is a powerful act, because it puts it on the map. But it goes even further. Because an original name suddenly Djibouti Email List gives a concept triple word value, just like with Scrabble. Just think: you can register a method with a strong name.

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You can train people in it, who will spread Djibouti Email List your ideas as your ambassadors. At keynotes, you are introduced as the person who came up with that genius word. How do you do that, designing sticky words? Here are 5 ways to create your own vocabulary: Use prefixes or suffixes The easiest is to use fixed prefixes or suffixes, such as ont-, ing or -heid. A brilliant Djibouti Email List civil servant once thought of slowing down the speech by the then Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning, Margreeth de Boer.

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