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Symbols: slash Image source: Wikipedia The slash is often misuse Spain B2B Contact List in compositions with two equal parts, such as P/E and commuting. One then writes price/earnings ratio and commuting. When the slash goes in the opposite direction, it’s called a backslash . Nerd tidbit to conclude: In the distant past, a slash was a variation of a vertical stripe and a dash. The Meanings of Typographic Symbols Isn’t it remarkable that you have been reading and writing these typographic symbols Spain B2B Contact List all your life, even though you have only a minimal knowledge of some of them?

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Some are obscure and others downright Spain B2B Contact List confusing. There are some that you have used regularly, but maybe not always in the right way. With my explanation of the meanings of these typographic symbols, I hope you will be able to recognize these characters when you come across them while reading, or use them yourself in your branding, marketing, storytelling or web design. It sounds simple. You create an account on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or another Spain B2B Contact List social media platform. You are excited to get started. You share the latest news about your company, give a sneak preview of your latest produc.

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You do everything you can to ensure that Spain B2B Contact List the number of likes and followers increases. But all your efforts have little effect and it seems more difficult than you imagined. How is that possible? You might be making one of these common social media mistakes. Get a good foundation. Social media channels are powerful marketing tools for promoting your company, Spain B2B Contact List your products or services and connecting with your target audience. Provided you use it in the right way.


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