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Also read: Business English: the most common mistakes BRUNEI BUSINESS EMAIL LIST (and how to avoid them) Moreover. This forced character is not limited to verbs. There are also many nouns that are not particularly tasty: human resource management, employee journey, kiss & ride, executive, cereal, teenager, advertising. And what’s with that silly trend of suddenly calling peanut butter “peanut butter”? (Hipsters, I address this message to you.) The trick: don’t force Dutch or English My BRUNEI BUSINESS EMAIL LIST intuition and reason tell me that it is completely okay to introduce foreign words in Dutch, as long as that word does not sound forced: It should not conflict.

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In pronunciation (this is why I prefer to say ‘human BRUNEI BUSINESS EMAIL LIST resources’ than the tongue. Twisting ‘human resource management’). It must be compatible with the Dutch language rules in a natural way. There doesn’t have to be a perfect Dutch word for it. This BRUNEI BUSINESS EMAIL LIST approach will have two major advantages for us. The users of the language: We keep the Dutch language flexible enough to integrate new, foreign-language concepts that will enrich our communication.

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We guarantee that even in twenty years’ time the BRUNEI BUSINESS EMAIL LIST Dutch language can still be pronounced and understood without crashing your tongue or brain. (Yes, crashing. I understand the irony.) The users of a language determine whether a loanword may remain If we’re honest, it doesn’t really matter what I think. Nor does it matter what other linguists say. The BRUNEI BUSINESS EMAIL LIST Taalunie puts it perfectly in their aforementioned article: Either we find such an English newcomer quite normal after a while, or it disappears from our language.

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