Tips for Employers

That’s why you should immediately stand out Russian Federation Email List with the video you post on this channel. Therefore, place your message or call-to-action immediately within the first 3 seconds. The average viewing time is only a few seconds. Facebook is also mainly use via the mobile app these days, so I recommend a ratio of 1:1 or 4:5. Facebook Stories Russian Federation Email List Facebook Stories, just like Instagram Stories, fall into the lean forward category: your viewer pays slightly more attention to you. Here too, you have to immediately.

Russian Federation Email List

To Your Copywriter

Stimulate them with your message, preferably Russian Federation Email List within the first 3 seconds. The screen-filling video (9:16) gives you the opportunity to tell a nice visual story in your awareness layer, or contribute to more clicks through the swipe up. Facebook Stories had a slow start, but are now being use more and more. Facebook Watch Facebook Russian Federation Email List Watch is a typical lean back video channel. Users who watch videos here take their time and are engag. All videos on Facebook will end up here and new.

Importance of a Good Briefing

Videos will be presented to the viewer based on Russian Federation Email List your interests. The following also applies here: Facebook is a mobile platform, so take this into account when choosing the format. Ideally: 1:1 or 4:5. Facebook Watch also gives the option of live streams and even watching series. Pre-eminently formats in which the viewer takes the Russian Federation Email List time, with the aim of entertainment and deepening. LinkedIn is the B2B platform among the social media giants. This channel is perfectly suited to share

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