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Increasing attention to behavioral change & self-development Thirteen Panama B2B Contact List years ago. Radboud University started the world’s first master’s degree in Behavioral Change. Professor Rick van Baaren explains in Ben Tiggelaar’s podcast episode.  This is how behavior works’ that interest in this field has grown enormously since then. This trend will continue in Panama B2B Contact List the coming year. One of the most important requirements for good behavior change is that people are motivat to adopt the new behavior.

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And there’s the link with gamification! Various sources Panama B2B Contact List show that gamification is one of the most powerful tools for sustainable behavioral change. If you want to learn more about the theory behind this and understand. How game mechanics help your brain with change. Watch this video from Stanford University. A recent and nice example of a gamified behavior change Panama B2B Contact List tool is Ommetje. A successful initiative of the Brain Foundation, with the aim of encouraging people to exercise more.

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For anyone who wants to learn new behavior on their own Panama B2B Contact List initiative. There is a wide range of indie games, such as the insanely beautiful and cleverly designed meditation game Playne. Which you create your world with your thoughts. 3. The game of our lives is call ‘the metaverse’ One development that will certainly give gamification a huge boost is the Panama B2B Contact List ‘meta-universe’ or ‘ the metaverse ‘. You might even argue that the metaverse is literally the game of our lives. It is in any case a digital version of reality, virtual internet.


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