This Sixt Campaign Invites

From January 19 to 23, FITUR will take place at the Ifema in Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Madrid, and Sixt did not want to miss the occasion. The car rental company will have a stand at the great tourism fair and celebrates it with a new and hooligan campaign . The action is carried out by an advertising canvas with a creative with several of the models available for rent from the firm. But what is truly striking is the message that accompanies them: “ Rent a great Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List car and travel like a king. In Abu Dhabi or wherever you want .”

You to Travel

In this way, with a rogue tone they refer to the entire Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List situation experienced with the King Emeritus, relating it to the trips and his product. However, they do it in a roundabout way, using the phrase “live like a king.” The curious thing is that the Sixt stand is located where the King usually passes by during his walk at the opening of FITUR, so they hope that the repercussion will be even more powerful.   Likewise, a contest will creaton Instagram in which people can participate and win. Trip to Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Abu Dhabi (where the emeritus is currently), including flights, hotel and car .

“Like a King” to Abu Dhabi

To participate, all you have to do is follow the Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List company’s account on the social network profile and comment on the post saying in an original way who we would go with and why. In order to have more options, you can share it in the Stories and take a photo of the mural in FITUR itself. These irreverent campaigns are becoming the hallmark of Sixt promotions. There are multiple creativities that we have been able to see. heir social network profiles using situations that were occurring to launch powerful messages. We only Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List have to go to the example of when Leo Messi announced that his career at Barça was coming to an end.

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