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Earlier this year, we launched Sked Insights – giving you in-depth, behind-the-scenes. Research on Instagram feeds and accounts. Last week, we also added Insights for Facebook. Now you can see stats and growth. Of your Instagram and Facebook accounts at the account/page level and at the post level. Power your marketing with our new Sked Insights analytics and reporting dashboard. From post engagement to follower growth, story likes and performance, you can gain deeper insights into your Instagram and Facebook feeds. content.

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Anyway, why bother with insights? Access your insights from your desktop What Sked Insights tells you “Overview”: How to track the situation? “Content”: what content resonates with your audience “Audience”: Who are you dating? Story: How is your story Morocco Phone Number going? Competitor tracking and analysis Export and share your insights Weekly Email Insights Digest Export to PDF Export to Excel share as web link Anyway, why bother with insights? The great thing about social media marketing is that it can be measured in a way that billboards are not (at least, billboards are harder.

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Every social media manager will always tell you that they want more and more data to drive decisions. But, at the same time, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by a trove of data – without a clear answer to the “so, what does this actually mean” question? For less sophisticated marketers or clients, it’s doubly so. We’ve all had arguments about how wranglers are one way to measure success.

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