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This year again hundreds of experts Restaurant Email List shared their knowledge through articles on Frankwatching. They wrote no fewer than 778 articles. And there were a total of 1,872 responses. If you really want to read all the articles from this year, it will take you about 67 hours! Sit down for a while. Total number of articles and comments Frankwatching Restaurant Email List 2021. A year in articles As in 2020, this year we published articles on how to navigate the corona crisis. But the accent changed.

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Last year we talked a lot about working Restaurant Email List from home and video calling. This year, with the return to the office, we took a closer look at the hows and whats of hybrid working . Obviously we were on top of the trends this year , with the popularity of cryptocurrencies , blockchains and NFTs standing out. Articles about online revenue models are also widely read. A Restaurant Email List sign of the times . In addition to enthusiasm for innovations, a critical view is in order. For example, we discussed the developments around.

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Flash delivery , the hidden costs of Black Friday and the Restaurant Email List  end of the Viva Forum (which was not taken offline after a storm of criticism). We published many current articles again this year. For example, we followed the Clubhouse hype and the new live audio features on other social media platforms to thwart the newcomer. LinkedIn again had several updates and Restaurant Email List on Instagram we said goodbye to the swipe-up . A lot happened outside of social media as well. For example, we discussed the latest


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