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Keep reading! 5. Create a posting schedule It’s hard to maintain a consistent feed if you don’t plan your posts in advance. Instagram stories are the perfect way to connect with your audience in a more natural and spontaneous way, but the feed should be careful, since the photos and videos you post in it will still be visible after 24 hours. Having a marketing calendar will help you plan and, if you really want to make a living from Instagram, it will help you optimize your time and work more efficiently. 6. Give before you receive To make money with Instagram in 2022 you will need to do your part.

Participate in conversations related to your niche. Visit other accounts that are using the same hashtags as you. Follow them and participate in their conversations. Not only will you gain more visibility, but other users may see your content and be encouraged to follow your Honduras whatsapp number list account. That said, avoid overtly promoting yourself. It is better that the comments are natural and relevant, offering quality content. Nobody will want to follow a brand that is just trying to sell its products without offering something of value to the community . Public at the right times Do you think posting at 3 in the morning is going to be as effective as posting at 5 in the afternoon?

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The day and time of publication on social networks can help you grow your account and followers. Don’t underestimate the power of using the correct time to post. You could earn more money with Instagram if you apply the following tip: Although there are some general considerations, it would be highly recommended that you discover for yourself what works best for your audience and account. It may be that if your market niche focuses on women entrepreneurs, it would be best not to publish during work hours, but perhaps during lunch breaks. Test by posting similar content at different times and days of the week and analyze the stats for patterns.

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Shopify makes it easy for you Open the online business you’ve always dreamed of. START FREE TRIAL make money with instagram in 2022 You can make money from Instagram in 2022 but only if you are willing to put in the time and effort. If you start living on Instagram, keep in mind that it will take weeks and even months to see results. But don’t give up. Only the one who stops trying fails . Would you like to tell us about your experience on Instagram? Leave us a comment below. You want to Instagram stories have become the unexpected success of recent years, within a social network that presents overwhelming numbers.

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this social network, just look at the statistics of daily use of the stories, which exceed 500 million active users per day . But the most striking thing about these data is that companies have a very important weight in the generation of ephemeral vertical content. Specifically, a third of all the stories that are seen throughout the day are created by businesses. This means that Instagram stories are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who are setting up online stores and want to make money on Instagram . Or, at least, create a content strategy on that social network by publishing stories that engage your potential audience. Something that in the medium term always translates into more online sales.

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