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For the ad, the Steve agency chose feature film director Jaco Georgia WhatsApp Number List Van Dormael , known for his storytelling in movies like “Mr. Nobody” or “The Eighth Day”. In the spot we see two people who, from the first glance they meet on the train platform, realize that they like each other.Leo , a 3-year-old boy, says goodbye from the car window of the boat that has made him dream for a few days. After a splendid vacation in Tuscany, he doesn’t want to go Georgia WhatsApp Number List home (and neither does his parents). This is how the new Costa spot begins , which includes a series of videos that show little Leo enjoying the different activities offered on the brand’s cruise ships.

Vacations of a Three-year-old Boy Star in the New

With this campaign, which was carry out in Italy Georgia WhatsApp Number List for the famous Sanremo Festival. Costa to convey a message of truthfulness with real content recorded a royal family.  For the company, this is the “best way to show the effect of a Costa cruise”. Which fits perfectly with the brand’s new signature. ‘Believe your eyes’ is Georgia WhatsApp Number List. The motto of this new campaign, which will come to life online and offline. Other communication events throughout the year. I want to make money

Costa Cruises Campaign

Following an international competition, Georgia WhatsApp Number List Costa has chose. Herezie agency to work on its new strategic and creative approach to the brand on a European scale.  “Herezie has impressed us with its strategic thinking, creative work. Unusual reactivity,” says Francesco Muglia, Costa ‘s France VP Global Marketing . Herezie has managed to bring that wonder to life in a fresh and contemporary way.  However, later we see the protagonists making a video call from their homes , the chemistry they give off being remarkable.

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