This Is How You Break Negative

Keep discount an exception It is customary to give a Congo Email List discount. The Rates Monitor shows that 63% of the text professionals do this. The most commonly given discount is 10%. But discount does not rhyme with exception for anything. Well, sort of. In any case, never Congo Email List give a discount as standard and in advance. Then you might as well lower your rate. Getting the cheese slicer over your quote is really not the only way to win customers over.

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Shortage on the Labor Market

Rather invest some of your time in a good introductory Congo Email List meeting and a quote that is not about euros, but about the solution that you bring with your knowledge and experience. There is no discount. 6. Prefer relationships over margins Of the text professionals, Congo Email List 45 percent sometimes have work performed by a colleague or an expert from another discipline. More than three-quarters are themselves regularly hired as subcontractors, for example by a communication agency.

How Will We Shop in 2030

It is striking that copywriters usually do not charge a Congo Email List margin on top of the rate of their subcontractor, while this happens in 91 percent of the cases when they are hired themselves. I read this just like this: copywriters would rather invest in a good relationship with other professionals than immediately put a wallet on the table. And maybe that’s why they have so Congo Email List much fun at work. That’s not clear from the research, but you can take it from me.

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