This Funny Spot Shows the Exemplary Cobras

Sometimes it may seem that there is a connection between Cyprus WhatsApp Number List two people, but it can also be an assumption resulting from a specific moment that gives rise to euphoria and tenderness. These misunderstandings often lead to those known as “cobras”, with which the interlocutor’s gesture is rejected, especially when it comes to kisses. ING wanted to use this concept to form the thread of its new campaign, called, precisely, ” Cobras “. With this action, he Cyprus WhatsApp Number List seeks to show that his Orange Mixed Mortgage has nothing to do with the ties that are usually related to this type of service.

That People Do When

The brand continues to delve into a key concept for itself: freedom . In Cyprus WhatsApp Number List this case, the customer has to be linked to a product, but never more than necessary . It has always been said that taking out a mortgage is similar to “marrying” a bank because of all the commitments that it entails. But this communication wants to convey that it is not what ING proposes. For this reason, the main spot shows a succession of skilfully dodged kisses. Cobras are appearing in all kinds of contexts. From a romantic drive-in that can lead to confusion to the celebration of a Cyprus WhatsApp Number List goal by the favorite team or the typical kisses of the grandmother that leave the whole face soaked.

They Want, but Not So Much

Any situation is good to make a cobra. The idea is to Cyprus WhatsApp Number List convey that the mortgage not only keeps the client free of commissions, but also frees him from the obligation to link more than the account, only as long as he decides. Thus, ING is fully aware that a mortgage “is going to help you buy a house, it is going to make your life easier… but it is not going to make you die of love either. Come on, you love her… but not that much .” The campaign is the work of Ms. Rushmore and will have a presence on free and pay television, conventional Cyprus WhatsApp Number List and digital radio, as well as digital VOD platforms, digital online video and social networks. I want to make money

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