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To give you an idea of ​​the money that can be earned on YouTube through advertising revenue, affiliate marketing, superchat, membership, merchandising, collaborations, etc.), as we mentioned before. How much money does a YouTuber make? Although there are tools that estimate the income of influencers, the truth is that there is no exact way to know how much a YouTuber really earns . Their main income comes from contracts/collaborations with companies (contracts that are private, of course), their commissions for affiliation, advertising, etc.

As it may seem logical, the bigger your channel and community, the more income. You will have, but your final compensation also depends. On Usa whatsapp number list what ways you manage to monetize your content, so it is impossible to know for sure. How much money you earn from YouTube. 2. Advertising on YouTube Therefore, if you want to make a YouTube channel and make money. The first option is to take advantage of the income you will receive from advertising. Which will vary depending on the number of times your viewers see ads on your content. This means that your number of subscribers will not determine your ultimate profit. But it will give you a good idea of ​​how much advertising is earned on YouTube .

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Earn money, you should know that the money earned on YouTube for displaying advertising depends on: The type of ad (banner, discovery, skippable or not, etc). However, you can’t decide what type of ad will be displayed on your channel, nor its content. Play time. Competitiveness. Ads on YouTube are bid-based, so you’ll make more money from advertisers that are bigger or compete for a more saturated niche. It is important to mention that as a content creator you have no control over the ads beyond choosing when they can be shown. YouTube and its algorithm take care of making the necessary optimizations to show relevant ads to an interested audience.

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Promotional video content Companies are aware of the potential of social networks. So they are always interest in finding influencers to promote their products. Once you get enough subscribers and views, these companies will likely ask you to promote their products through videos for money. This can be a great way to promote products your audience is interest in and generate additional revenue, but be careful doing so as viewers are very sensitive to ads and promotions. Extra tip: only promote products that you are really interested in and think will be valuable to your niche ; that will keep your loyal viewers happy. 4. Affiliate programs In addition to sporadic collaborations, many companies may also offer you to join their affiliate program.

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Who registers on their platform through a unique link that they will create for you, you will receive a commission. Without a doubt, affiliate marketing is one of the marketing actions that we are seeing the most growth among companies. So even if you have a small audience or want to get start. Research online which companies (relate to your niche) have this program and might.  In you being a part of it. And from there, it starts to touch new topics to make videos. On YouTube that can generate more clicks on the links. Earn money with YouTube and your online store It doesn’t matter if you already. A successful eCommerce business or you were just looking for ways to make money on YouTube and you came across this article.

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